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As with many things we engage in, sometimes we can experience a lack of motivation. This can also occur during studies. It’s very important to stay motivated as this will help keep you going throughout your course.

Remember Your Goals

After my BSc degree, I found it difficult to find employment in my field. Graduating around the time of the economic crisis didn’t help. One of the reasons I went on to study for a masters was to help make myself more employable. This was on my mind whilst studying. I needed to do well so that I could improve my chances of employment on graduating.

Whilst having fun and enjoying yourself is part of the university experience, there has got to be a higher purpose for being there. If your reason for being at uni is because your parents told you to go, or because that’s just what you do after college, then you’re not likely to be that motivated to be there and do your best. You need a reason why YOU are there, which is not based on anyone or anything else. Think about it and note it down. Whenever you feel like slacking, go to your goal and remember why you are studying.

Maintain a Healthy Balance

I like to read and I like to play sports, but I wouldn’t want to do either all day every day. If you do anything for too long you can get bored of it, even if it’s something enjoyable. The same is true for studying. If you spend every waking hour studying, then a course or subject you love can turn into one that you hate and nobody wants to spend time doing something they hate. Make sure you have fun at uni too. Whether you like to play sports, chill with friends or whatever it happens to be, include it in your uni life.

Keep Good Company

Not everyone at uni will be motivated to succeed. It’s sad but true. Some people will have a different agenda. Surround yourself with positive people who are striving for the same thing you are. Your environment can influence how you behave for better or for worse. I had a study buddy at uni and we both wanted to do well so when we worked together we helped each other out. When you keep good company you will not only help yourself stay motivated, you will help others stay on track too.

Always Do Your Best

You really can’t afford not to bring your A-Game every time you study. First of all you are investing a lot of time in it; 3-4 years for most and up to 7 and beyond for medicine and the like. That’s a significant amount of time to spend to find that you haven’t achieved your aim at the end of it. You don’t want to be in that situation. I ended up with a 2:2 for my BSc degree and that was definitely not the plan. By the next academic year I achieved a Distinction for my masters. I did things very differently for the latter I can assure you.

When you honestly do your best whilst studying and you get the results you want, it’s a great feeling. Once you start getting good grades, you will want more and more until you won’t settle for anything less. Getting good grades keeps you motivated to keep on achieving. Of all the habits you can adopt, adopt the habit of always doing your best. This will drive you forward to success so do yourself proud. It’s also important to remember that even if you don’t get the grades you want the first time round, not to give up. You can always try again.

Treat Yourself

Take some time off to do something you like. Nobody wants to work hard all the time. When you do well, reward yourself because when you work well you deserve it. Taking time out to treat yourself when studying helps keep you in high spirits and you will have positive memories associated with studying as opposed to negative ones. Negative memories associated with studying will demotivate you and that’s what you want to avoid.  It’s great to feel a sense of achievement with your studies and rewarding yourself can help you maintain that habit of working well and achieving more.

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