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Summer is well and truly over. The rain is pouring and the autumn/winter collections are flooding the shops, which means one thing… the start of a new semester.

If like myself you’re feeling a little bit anxious about the pending semester, fear not. I have devised a full-proof plan to ensure an organised and successful year at university.

Since this is going to be the start of my third and final year at Uni, I thought I would share some of my top tips. An old teacher of mine used to preach the words, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, ever since a close shave with missing a deadline, those words have never been more true. So now I follow a few simple steps to ensure I get all that I want out of my time at university.


Be Organised


Make sure you know from the very beginning of semester when all your deadlines and exams are, this way you have a clear date in mind and know when you need to start gathering research and revising. I find the best way to remember all necessary dates is to either have a wall calendar in your bedroom or a little academic diary. This way there are no nasty surprises when a deadline or exam is sooner than you think.


Be Prepared


Your first lecture of a new semester is essential, so make sure you are prepared mentally. Switch your mind set from Fresher’s party mode, to study hard and get a first mode. If you think you are going to pass then you more and likely will. You also need to be prepared on the stationary front, make sure you have a notepad and at least more than one pen, don’t be that person pestering everyone for a spare pen because you lost yours.


Set Aside Study Time


I know it sounds boring, but trust me it really helps. If you allot yourself a certain amount of time to go to the library or do some reading you feel much better at the end of it. Believe it or not but doing research and finding a variety of sources really works in your favour, your tutors like to see that little bit extra effort and trust me you will get rewarded for it.


Make Sure You Enjoy Yourself


Going to university is a great opportunity for anyone, so make sure when you do have spare time, have some fun. It feels like yesterday I was sat in a lecture theatre nervous about my first ever lecture and now I only have one year left and I fully intend to enjoy every moment of it. Yes, even the boring lectures too.


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