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Shrove Tuesday, commonly known as Pancake Day, is originally a Christian tradition, but for us students it’s an occasion to share pancakes and hot chocolate with friends. With the winter weather still with us, who wants to go out? No one, so why not enjoy a day at home with some pancakes and hot chocolate? Here’s an easy recipe for making pancakes, but the French way! In France we call them ‘Crêpes’. They are thinner than American Pancakes, but equally as delightful!



Batter Mix:

3 Eggs
250g Flour
350ml Milk
50g Butter
1 Teaspoon of Sugar (If you’re making Sweet Crêpes)

You’ll Also Need:

Mixing Bowl
Frying Pan
Additional Butter (for frying the Crêpes)


It’s very easy, take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together in the order indicated above. You should sieve the flour so it won’t be full of lumps.

Once you’ve mixed everything pan each ‘Crêpe’ one by one.

To do this, put a little bit of butter in the pan and wait for it to heat up and melt. Once it’s hot, spread the batter in the pan (the surface of the pan must be covered by the batter). Then fry the Crêpes for approximatively 2 minutes on each side.

When you can see little brown rings appearing, it means the Crêpe is ready to be flipped onto the other side. You can make it fun and try to flip it over by shaking the pan like in the movies, but to be honest you probably won’t succeed the first time. It does take some practice but keep at it and soon enough you’ll nail it!


Once they’re cooked you can flavour them according to your tastes, but here are few ideas:

Caster sugar and lemon
(just squeeze the lemon so it will melt on the sugar while it’s still hot)
Nutella (need I say more?)
Brown sugar

Being a student also means knowing how to reuse leftover food (that you’ve made with all your love) so as to avoid wasting food. So if you still have Crêpe batter leftover you can use it for dinner and make Crêpes with savoury toppings. Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients for the savoury/salty crêpes

 Ham Slices (2 for each Crêpe)
 Mushrooms (fry before hand)
 Crème Fraiche
 Grated cheese
 Salt, Pepper, Parsley (if you have some)

Directions for savoury crêpes


Use the Crêpe batter or if you’re making the batter from scratch again, be sure not to add sugar this time. Fry them by following the same steps as with the Sweet Crêpes above.

While the Crêpe is still cooking in the pan, put two slices of ham on one half of it. Then add the tomato diced in little squares with the cheese and the mushrooms, seasoning it all with salt, pepper and parsley

Afterwards, add the Crème Fraiche and close the other half of the Crêpe.

Some sneaky tips

For even tastier Crêpes you can add some grated orange peel to the batter, but I know that not all students have orange peel to hand, so instead you can add a little bit of beer (5ml). I assume you won’t have any problems finding this ingredient!

If you’re having hot chocolate with it, a great addition is to add some coconut milk with cinnamon 😉

Now all that’s left is to enjoy your delicious French Crêpes!

Featured image: Frédérique Voisin-Demery

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