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So, you lovely lot, I am going to break you in gently with this ‘yes’ stuff. I am going to start with the food.

And in honour of one of my favourite subjects, I have a real bumper series of posts for you! There’s recommendations for the only 5 cookbooks you will need to be a little more adventurous but with seriously easy, healthy and tasty recipes. There’s some tips to get your yes cooking journey started AND I’ll share one of my favourite recipes for 2016 so far.

So why start with cooking, you ask? Shouldn’t adopting this ‘yes philosophy’ start with something a little bit more adventurous? Well, saying is about the big and the small things, and that include being a little bit more adventurous with your cooking.

University is the perfect time to experiment with your cooking style – because it’s a time when it’s ok to get it wrong, and for those English students like me who only had a few hours of lectures a week, you have a little more time to try new things.

Venture Out

Try at least one new recipe a week. I’ll be sharing my recommended cook books in my next post but in the mean time you can try our lovely collection of student recipes.

Read First

Always read the recipe first – before you buy your ingredients and then again before you cook it. Failed recipe attempts are often a result of not doing one or both of these!

Go For Quality

When buying meat, always go for the best quality that you can afford. Often the quality meat is only a pound or two more, but the flavor will be far superior and it can make or break your experience of a recipe. So even if it means sacrificing those last two £1 shots of the night, it’s worth it! Let’s face it they won’t get you any more drunk – at that price they are just glorified fruit juice.

Veggies Needn’t Be Boring

Get creative with vegetables – even if you are not vegetarian, don’t be afraid to have a meat free dish. It makes you more creative when you are cooking, and vegetables really are delicious.


Don’t be afraid to play around the with recipes to fit them to your taste. Once you get a bit more confident you might find there are things about certain recipes you don’t like – too much garlic, not enough herbs, or the egg would be better poached rather than baked! So change it, play around. Yes it might go wrong, but you could also discover something truly delicious.

Hope you find these tips useful. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll share The only 5 cookbooks you will need.

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