• How to Make Dating at University Work; 4 Things to Consider

    This time of year, you’d be hard pushed to find a shop, website or blog post that isn’t full of tips on finding love, or what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you’re single or loved up to the max, love is definitely in the air. Dating at uni can be […]
  • The Complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him, For Her and For Yourself

    Let’s be honest, life is stressful but the people around us make that stress seem so non-existent, they empower us, inspire us, they make us smile even when the wind has hit and it feels like our faces may stay in a permanent frown. Valentine’s day was originally a holiday from ancient Rome, which celebrated […]
  • 4 Lessons to Help Your Relationship Survive The First Year of Uni

    Perhaps you’ve been together through college, and up until now everything has been hunky dory. You’ve discussed whether it’s better to part ways as you both begin your new adventures in different cities, but you’re both so emotionally invested at this point that you decide to stay together. You can make your relationship work through […]
  • All Women Want From Men is Consistency, Is That So Much to Ask For?

    The final dialogue… Woman: Consistency! Consistency is all us women ask for. Nothing more or nothing less. Consistency. That is not a lot to ask for. So why do you continually conjure up this illusion that we demand the world? man: Uh … Woman: It was rhetorical! I am not asking for you to dive into the […]
  • Identity, Sexuality & A Crisis In The Library

    I meet his eyes across the silent room, and look away quickly at being caught looking. I laugh at myself and tell me – inside my head because I know that it seems mad to talk to yourself outside – this; You don’t fancy him, you idiot! You’re gay! I laugh to myself again and […]
  • It’s Okay to Be Noncommittal in University! Here’s Why

    Fellow single-tons, you’ve heard it before; “you have the rest of your life to look for ‘the one,’ and settle down.” And the idea holds true. But you’ve also heard these: Do you think you’ll find a date for your plus one at so-and-so’s wedding? Is there a special someone joining us for Christmas dinner? […]
  • Women and Love, and Women in love; What’s it really about?

    In New York in the nineteen-forties there was a young woman working in New York Central Library. They had a basement for books and there was a small cafeteria for employees down there, too. One day this woman was going for lunch with a friend and she walked in the door and saw across the […]
  • 4 Reasons Why You May Be ANNOYING Your Housemates

    Do I sound harsh with that title? Good, it’s time for a wakeup call people! Your time at university can be some of the greatest experiences of your life, but they can also involve a lot of challenges. In order to have a happy, healthy mind at uni, you need to make sure all areas […]
  • Money Saving Valentine’s Day Tips for Students

    *Warning* – May guarantee more relationship disasters then successful dates! Well, unless you live under a rock, you know it’s Valentine’s Day this up and coming Friday. If you’re reading this post in the hopes of finding good fast advice, well you have quite obviously left it to the last minute and are panicking. Fear […]