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*Warning* – May guarantee more relationship disasters then successful dates!

Well, unless you live under a rock, you know it’s Valentine’s Day this up and coming Friday. If you’re reading this post in the hopes of finding good fast advice, well you have quite obviously left it to the last minute and are panicking. Fear not for Student Life is here to provide you with some half decent money saving tips on having a great Valentine’s Day date! Let’s face it, as much as everyone says they budget at uni, we all know you don’t.


Now we all love giving people gifts for birthdays, Christmas etc, however for a student it is a huge impact on that weekly budget you try so hard to stick to. First tip, if you’re going to do gifts, agree with your other half on a set budget. Nothing too extravagant as its Valentine’s Day guys, not Christmas! You can either stick to the classic ‘Roses, Chocolates, Fluffy bear’ or if you want to get something more personal yet at a cheaper price, try places like Amazon and Ebay. Even Groupon has its moments!

If you want to be really creative, why not make something? Personally I bake cake because I have an overwhelmingly bad cake addiction. Plus that way, you get to eat it after, it’s definitely a win win situation.


Card Factory – the Primark of card shops. Yes, I know you feel that a £4 card from Clintons is a romantic gesture but really? The less you spend on a card the more you can spend on your date, simples. Dare I say, make your other half a card?? Much more personal, creative and a sweet gesture…plus it’s free!


Location of a date goes down completely to your preferences. You may want to go out and save yourself the hindrance of washing up, or if you’re the next Jamie Oliver/future winner of The Great British Bake-off, you may want to win the heart of your significant other by providing them with a top notch meal.

Eating Out

If you have made the decision to eat out so you don’t have to take the responsibility of providing your other half with food poisoning, then wise choice! Chain restaurants are a safe option for guaranteed good food for everyone, plus there is a chance of discounts and offers. Places such as Pizza Express have downloadable offers online. The likes of Gourmet Burger, Chiquitos and Yo! Sushi host student discounts and places such as Revolution do discounts and offers with privilege cards. If you’re really stuck check out NUS Extra for restaurants where you can catch great discounts with your NUS cards.

If you’re confident with your local area, and no I don’t just mean all the local alcohol venues, why not try a local independent restaurant. A lot of the time they can be cheaper than chains plus add a real romantic atmosphere.

Oh, and don’t forget to book!

Eating In

What’s more romantic than a candlelit dinner within the confines of your student squalor? If you’re going to make a romantic gesture by cooking a dinner I’d recommend sticking to what you know. Don’t try to make a Michelin star meal… but don’t provide them with beans on toast either. Try sites such as BBC Good Food and The Food Network for great ideas and easy to follow recipes. That or try the Student Cook Book your mum bought you in first year yet you’ve left it collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe. Or try packets and kits from your local supermarket. Fajita kits or Spaghetti Bolognaise packets are normally quite cheap, easy to follow and provide that extra kick to what otherwise could have been a basic meal.

Here at Student Life we wish you the best of luck on your date and we’re not accountable for our bad advice nor your relationship fiascos when you give your date food poisoning or forget to book the table… We’re only joking, we really do believe microwaving beans on toast a la student style is the most romantic route to our hearts!

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