• 4 Wallet-Busting Habits You Should Control As A Student

    The years you spend as a student will probably be some of the most inspiring and meaningful of your life, however this comes at a cost. According to a recent article published by The Telegraph, the average student will graduate with a debt worth £50,000. So what can you do as a student in order to avoid getting into […]
  • Money Tips to Help You Survive Your First Year of Uni!

    Whether it’s investing in gadget insurance, budgeting on a weekly basis or just having one less drink on a night out you’ll have to be sure to watch your finances at university. Freshers year is often seen as the party year for many students; the workload is normally less, halls offer that central starting point […]
  • Students Riot Over Increase in Fees

    The proposed raise in student tuition fees seemed to go unnoticed, even the Government were surprised at how little controversy the matter caused. This all changed on November 12th at 11am. A student led mass protest announced itself on the streets of Whitehall. Students demonstrated with lively vigour from the offset, with banners reading, ‘Conservatives, […]
  • London is the Most Cost-Effective City for Students!

    Natwest recently published their annual 2010 Student Living Index — an annual study of how cost-effective the UK’s major university cities and towns are for students, based on spending habits, and how students offset these costs. There were a few surprises in the top 10 cities, the most surprising of all being the number 1 […]
  • Graduate Tax to be Considered

    If you have been following the news, you will have heard that Business Secretary, Vince Cable, proposed a variable graduate tax to alleviate the current ills of funding in higher education. The basic idea is that instead of paying University fees upfront, you pay nothing but then have to fork up repayment through a ‘graduate […]