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Whether it’s investing in gadget insurance, budgeting on a weekly basis or just having one less drink on a night out you’ll have to be sure to watch your finances at university.

Freshers year is often seen as the party year for many students; the workload is normally less, halls offer that central starting point and it’ll be the year potential friends for life are made – but make sure you have the money to do it.

Find a job

Although it might not be what everyone wants to hear, it has to be said finding a job as quickly as possible is a huge boost to finances. Heading out on the job hunt as soon after arriving is going to put you ahead of the game and, ultimately, there are likely to be more jobs on offer.

The student union, local bars, shops and restaurants are all likely to be hiring but be quick as being dressed to impress is going to mean very little if you’re stuck on your bed re-reading your lecture notes.

Modify and adapt

Looking good can be difficult on a budget, especially across the change of a season, but this doesn’t have to mean walking around in a woolly jumper your nan gave you a few Christmases ago.

Jeans will always be wearable, so stock up on a few cheap pairs before heading to halls to avoid having to make the choice between lunch and a cold pair of thighs.

Also, modify your clothes and keep them fresh. This could be anything from turning a t-shirt to a vest to putting your own prints on a jacket.

Think ahead

If you’ve got a mate’s birthday coming up at the end of the month make sure you’ve budgeted or you’re going to miss out.  Fair enough the here-and-now might seem more exciting, but in three weeks when everyone is on a big night out and you’re stuck with a tap water and a friend of a friend, it might not seem that way.

Bargain bins

Picking up a bargain is going to help save cash, with the options almost limitless. Whether it is two-for-one offers, basic ranges or a sale with a few winter warmers make sure you’ve had a dig around for the best deals.

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