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Procrastination is the number one killer of productivity, yet many students are willing victims.


Think about  the times you have gone to the library ready to work hard. But instead, you end up spending hours on facebook and youtube, all the while feeling a disturbance in the force — a weird unsettling feeling that really, you should be writing that essay or revising.

After indulging in your daily dose of procrastination, you may be lucky to muster up a great commitment to work. You excruciatingly manage to put together 200 words of a 5000 word essay and you feel slightly better about your library visit.


Problem is, there is still a disturbance in the force — that you should have spent more time working and less time chit-chatting with your mates in the hallway.

You feel bad, but look forward to drinks at the student bar with friends later that night.

A few phone calls and text messages later, you meet up with your friends. But at a time when you should be having guilt-free fun, someone brings up the topic of the looming essay deadline and it is then, that the unsettling feeling returns. Now you wonder whether you really deserve to be having a blast. “Should I drink some more? That way I can forget” you think. But damnit, you got a 9 a.m. start tomorrow! So you decide to leave the bar early.


You get home later that night and end up going to bed still worrying whether, with only a week left, you can finish the essay. Even in your sleep, you can’t shake the regret of not doing enough work in the day.

Solution: Focus on Work, Play, or Rest. Avoid Anything In-between.

Want to get rid of that unsettling feeling whenever you are out? Here is a simple solution:

When you decide to work, work. When you decide to play, play. And when you decide to rest, rest. Don’t be ambiguous, it leads to procrastination.

It is better to go to the library for 3-4 hours of focused studying and leaving early to relax, than to go there for 6 hours and only do 1 hour of real work.

The cool thing is that if you focus intensely on your work for a set amount of time, you will enjoy your playing and resting time even more. On the other hand, if you focus on playing or resting too much, your work always suffers. Even worse, if you can’t decided whether you should be working, playing, or resting, all three areas of your student life suffer!

Birmingham University Graduate. Author of 'How to Get A First' and 'Student Procrastination'.
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