• How to Get a First Class Degree: 8 Tips to Help You Graduate With Top Honours

    Update: How to Get a First – the book, now available on Amazon. In my final year of University, I managed to go out 2-4 times a month (in terms 1 and 2), co-founded and run an entrepreneur’s society where I acted as the Vice President and despite maintaining a fairly active social life and […]
  • How to Win at University: Rules for Success Whilst Having Fun

    Is it possible to be successful at university and still have fun? Cal Newport, an MIT student and author of ‘How to Win at College‘ certainly thinks so. By taking onboard the advice laid out in his book, you should be able to enjoy university life while also excelling as a student. Newport was inspired […]
  • Either Work, Play, or Rest… Everything Else is a Waste of Time

    Procrastination is the number one killer of productivity, yet many students are willing victims. Work…Fail! Think about  the times you have gone to the library ready to work hard. But instead, you end up spending hours on facebook and youtube, all the while feeling a disturbance in the force — a weird unsettling feeling that […]
  • The Art of Chilling: Polar Bears vs Students

    What’s the difference between polar bears and students? Are they both lazy by nature? Not quite. Polar Bears vs Students Unlike polar bears which rest for up 87% of their time in some months, students are workaholics by nature; the regret that follows procrastination is clear evidence of this. It is often hard to find a […]