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What’s the difference between polar bears and students? Are they both lazy by nature?

Not quite.

Polar Bears vs Students

Unlike polar bears which rest for up 87% of their time in some months, students are workaholics by nature; the regret that follows procrastination is clear evidence of this.

It is often hard to find a moment to truly chill without worrying about what work should be done. But this is exactly why I am a big fan of taking it upon yourself to clearly differentiate when you are to work, play, or rest.

Polar bears have the above principle down pat! They lead simple lives: hunt when the food is plentiful, therefore building up fat reserves in preparation for harsher months, and rest at all other times.

Simply put, polar bears are masters of the art of chilling. As students, we should aim to take a leaf out their books. This leaf is….

The Polar Bear Concept

Bears hunt hard when there is plenty of food. Any excess is used as a reserve.

To be a more effective student, you should follow suite and work hard when you have the most focus, attention, and energy.

This could be in the morning, if you are a morning person, or in the evening if you are not. Any excessive fruits of your labour can then be kept in reserve for the times when you are less focused and energetic.

For example I am most attentive and focused in the morning. I prefer to tackle challenging concepts early on such that later, I can take on simpler tasks such as memorising and reinforcing what I have already learnt (i.e. running on reserves).

Apply this concept in your studies and you too will master the art of chilling – a state where you can really chill, with comfort in knowing that all the hard work has already been done.

Birmingham University Graduate. Author of 'How to Get A First' and 'Student Procrastination'.
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