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Today is the last day of my 3 month Marketing and PR internship at Mallzee – a tinder like fashion app based in Edinburgh.  It’s been a crazy summer full of interviewing, photoshooting, blogging, tweeting, frantic emailing and lots and lots of Pepsi drinking (not being a hot drink lover a gals gotta got her caffeine from somewhere right?) On that note I think I may be the only intern in history to never make a cup of tea.  Coffee or no coffee I made it and here are my 7 tips on how to survive your Summer Internship.

Get ahead of the game

Before you can survive your internship, you first actually have to get one.  They aren’t strictly reserved for summer, there’s nothing to stop you getting some experience during semester time  The summer internship market is crazy so get one step ahead and secure one during uni, even if it’s just one day a week it will take a whole lotta pressure off for when summer finally hits.

Don’t be shy

Work is so much more fun when you get on with the people you’re with, so don’t waste your time being shy.  The first day is always going to be weird, but put yourself out there, make an effort and show some personality!

Give ideas

Being new to an organisation can always be intimidating, but this can work to your advantage.  YOU are the fresh perspective and will see things differently to everyone else there, embrace this and offer up your ideas – even if they’re not taken on you have nothing to lose!

Ask a damn question

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question – that’s a lie.  I would know I’ve asked plenty.  But seriously you are there to learn so if there’s something you want to know make it your mission to find out. My internship was Marketing and PR but I quite fancied learning about the graphic design side of things so I asked our designer Alex and now I have some sweet photoshop skills. I think I’ll leave the computer tech guys to do their thing though…

Don’t sleep in

Especially on days when you’re supposed to at a photos hoot at 8am.

Do your homework

Hopefully you’ll be working for a company in an industry which you’re passionate about, but if not make sure you know a thing or two about who you’re working for. I got lucky landing one at a fashion company but whether you’re in the soap or sock industry do your research! That leads nicely on to my next point…

Google is your best friend

We all kidna knew this anyway, but it’s never been more true when you’re tasked with changing a h2 tag to a h4 tag, trying to find a mystery photo shoot location or searching for some inspirational Chanel quotes.  Back to my point about asking a question – sometimes they’re just too awkward for words in which case say hello to your new summer bestie!

Post written by Laura from Mallzee

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