• Are You Thinking Of Pursuing A Creative Career? Here Are 10 Steps To Help You On Your Way

    We’ve all been there: daydreaming during school lessons about the phenomenal successes we are destined for with our creative skills and interests. Whether we’ve scribbled away in sketch books, typed stories at our laptops, made songs from scratch or captured moments with our cameras, we’ve found something that we love so much we want to […]
  • How To Prepare Yourself For World Domination And Success

    Imagine this: You have just this minute thought of a fantastic idea and you cannot wait to execute it. Perhaps you’ve made notes on the corner of your diary, squealed in excitement with your friends and looked out of your bedroom at what might one day be your empire. This idea gives you butterflies, you […]
  • How to approach your career with a yes attitude

    I should preface today’s post by saying that I am not an expert on careers advice; you should visit your university careers officer for that. But I can offer you some advice from my own experience…. Passion vs. ambition I tend to think that generally people fall into one of two camps when they start […]
  • Graduate Survival; 5 Tips On Staying Positive While Job Hunting

    Nobody likes job hunting, this is a simple fact, but when you’ve just left the comfy bubble of uni it can be easy to let the search get you down. With friends seemingly jumping on the career ladder before you, continuously filling out job application after job application with no response can be pretty demoralising. […]
  • Are You A Student Entrepreneur? Not sure?

    The recent rise of success of startup companies have made people rethink their career choices. A job in a relaxed environment where meetings are held while sitting on bean bags, showing up to work in jeans and t-shirt is acceptable, flexible working and the best part is that you’re the boss. What many may not […]
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    At whatever stage you’re at in your studies, the thought of your future career is always at the back of your mind. Deciding what you want to do and how to go about doing that is difficult enough, but thinking about how you, as an applicant, can stand out amongst thousands of other graduates can […]
  • Warning: Are You Thinking of Becoming a Teacher? Think Again!

    Ask most children what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll probably say pop star, football player or fireman. Not many say they’d like to be an accountant, lawyer or stockbroker. They don’t really know what those things are. They have no point of reference, unless their own parents work these jobs. […]
  • Are Unpaid Internships A Modern Day Scandal?

    For many, getting the job of your dreams is tough and often takes a lifetime. Internships can be a great way to get your foot in the door and getting you well on your way to the career you want. Increasingly there has been more and more debate to whether or not interns should be […]
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    Social media has become a part of our everyday lives, this is nothing new. Most of use it for fun or for our personal, private use. However, it is important to remember that social media and social networks in particular can, and should, be used to help you move forward on your career path. The […]