• 7 Tips to survive your Internship

    Today is the last day of my 3 month Marketing and PR internship at Mallzee – a tinder like fashion app based in Edinburgh.  It’s been a crazy summer full of interviewing, photoshooting, blogging, tweeting, frantic emailing and lots and lots of Pepsi drinking (not being a hot drink lover a gals gotta got her […]
  • Let The Hunt Begin! 5 Tips to Finding a Summer Job

    In the summer, looking for a job is becoming worst than a lioness looking for some fresh meat to feed her offspring. Any piece of advice is good to take. So here are few tips to help you to find your way in the confusing and tough process of looking for a job. 1) Be […]
  • Balancing education with passion – A Bands view

    University life is a stressful and time-consuming experience for all students. Exams, living alone and managing part time jobs or work experience is more than enough for anyone. For the guys at Radio Charmers, a Birmingham indie band, all of those stresses have to sit alongside touring the gig scene, recording albums and performing at […]
  • Want to work abroad? 5 steps to get your search started

    Deciding that you want to work abroad is a big decision and can often be a difficult and stressful goal to achieve. However, with a little advice and a lot of planning and commitment you should be able bag a job abroad and experience a whole new way of life. This article provides a few […]
  • The 3 Es of Entrepreneurship; Traits and Tips for Success

    Some of you are working diligently towards attaining that dream job whilst others are working diligently with the hopes of one day creating dream jobs. Those of you who fall under the latter evidently possess the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving art as business landscapes persistently shift, however these 3 simple traits have […]
  • The only three years of free opportunities

    Your UCAS application is all about how your chosen qualifications will help you with your chosen course, this much is clear. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that exams and coursework aren’t going to single handedly gain you that all important employment later in life. There are other opportunities available for the taking in the […]
  • Career Path: Senior Designer at ID&C Wristbands

    The competitive creative industries can prove tricky to get into especially for graphic designers. Quite often the route for a designer results in freelancing but this isn’t always sustainable. We caught up with Robert who told us about his route to becoming a senior designer at ID&C. ID&C designs and creates custom wrist bands for events […]
  • How to get started as a freelancer

    A freelance career is an attractive but occasionally daunting prospect. The freedom to manage one’s own time and workload, plus the ability to negotiate competitive remuneration for services, is balanced against the very real risk of a lack of a consistent income. With that in mind, the decision to stop being a full-time employee and […]
  • 7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Employment Prospects

    Getting a job is a numbers game, so apply to lots of companies. Apply to as many places as you can. Some students apply to two or three places and when they get rejected they give up. You have to keep going, because the rejections you have are not really failures if you see them […]