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Your UCAS application is all about how your chosen qualifications will help you with your chosen course, this much is clear. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that exams and coursework aren’t going to single handedly gain you that all important employment later in life. There are other opportunities available for the taking in the years of studying, and these can hugely influence an employer when picking you out from the crowd. Here’s a brief run down of what this all entails.

Starting university involves the almost obligatory fresher’s week. This mostly involves scoring free food and contraceptives at day time events, becoming friends with everyone on the bar crawls and finishing the week by drowning in flyers that were thrust into your hands constantly. While most involve going to vaguely titled student bars like Venue, The Place or Asparagus and having thirty alcopops for less than half a penny, there will be many that detail opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. When I arrived, I was asked if I wanted to fly a plane, fire a bow and arrow and learn Mandarin as a second language. Yes, I do want to. All at the same time if possible. So I covered over the graffiti tags and crude genitals, from previous occupants, on my noticeboard with all these amazing opportunities.

Did I become some form of Oriental Top Gun Legolas? No. I went to the pub and made some friends. This continued for three years – putting experiences in the ‘I’ll do it later’ pile and focusing on which friend was going to consume their weight in beverages. Three years can come and go, and it’s not long before full time employment calls and you’re getting excited by a whole evening of activity like having a pizza with the cat.

The moral of this aimless ramble is simple. You’ll have three years to absorb every opportunity available, normally for free, and with no penalty on life. If anything, it improves the CV, widens your experience and can lead to more diverse friendships. If I wanted to fire arrows from a moving plane nowadays, it’d require days off, large sums of money and it would most likely get me arrested.

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