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Imagine this: You have just this minute thought of a fantastic idea and you cannot wait to execute it. Perhaps you’ve made notes on the corner of your diary, squealed in excitement with your friends and looked out of your bedroom at what might one day be your empire. This idea gives you butterflies, you can’t stop thinking about how great it will be once it happens, only then to realise you have to make that happen. You were keen for world domination and believed in the possibility for a hot second, but now your fears are creeping in and self doubt is wrapping itself around your idea like a big hug. Lovely. But all is not lost! Your desire to propel yourself into the limelight will not go to waste and you really can achieve world domination with your fantastic idea. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Write down your goals

You ideas are flowing faster than a running tap and you don’t know which one to start with. Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Make a 12 month, 3 year and 5 year plan. You need goals to work towards so think about the bigger picture. You want to write a blog? Go ahead. Start that blog but have a focus and a plan for afterwards. You want to have the clothes you’ve designed modeled at The Clothes Show? Fabulous. Make that your end goal and then start planning the steps you need to take. Break it down. Be realistic. It’s good to write your goals down because it is so easy to become overwhelmed with everything you throw yourself into, that sometimes you need to revisit what you set out to do.

Don’t waste time

Time is incredibly precious. It is something money can’t buy, you can’t get it back once you’ve spent it and you never really know how much you have left in the world. So while you’re here, make an impact. Use your time wisely and productively. On your journey to achieve total world domination, you may find your email inbox is full of endless meeting requests. People have heard about your amazing idea and now want to meet with you to discuss it. How wonderful that is. But, before you go saying yes to every single invite, think about the bigger picture. Not every opportunity is right for you. Don’t have meetings for the sake of having meetings, that doesn’t make sense. Think about what time you can realistically allocate. Don’t over commit yourself to opportunities that don’t feel 100% right for you.

Whether you work, study or otherwise, plan time in your day to focus on your idea. Be productive. I often say this to myself; the washing up can wait. Oh, yes it can. So can Netflix. Procrastination can suck you in easily and before you know it, that free afternoon you had was spent picking the fluff from between your toes, instead of designing your business card. Think about it.


This is so incredibly important. What I like most about networking is that it can happen anywhere. You’ve got your idea, you’ve begun to create your brand and perhaps you have some professional business cards to help put you out into the big wide world. But don’t save your pitch for networking events. Networking events are brilliant and I promise you will often leave with a handful of business cards from faces you will barely recognise the names of. People are everywhere, and so the opportunity to meet new contacts is always present.

Imagine this: one afternoon, a friend and I were on our way out of the Mailbox. We had enjoyed a free meal in Nandos (a story for another day) and were joyous in our musings about what we were hoping to achieve. Talking into a camera, we were absolutely high on life and filming our amazing day. We catch the attention of a man who has just come out of the hairdressers, asking us if his hair looks alright. We assure him he indeed looks fantastic and then he proceeds to ask what we are doing with our happy selves and a camera. Before you know it, he has passed my details onto his literary agent friend and given my friend details of a photography course. Brilliant. Be prepared at all times to network with people. You want to dominate the world with your amazing idea/talent/skill? Be ready to spring into action at the bus stop, on Twitter, at a friend’s party, wherever there are people. Don’t underestimate the possibilities you have access to. All you need is an idea and the desire to make conversation about it.

Pace Yourself

You’re all fired up and ready to go, but hold on a minute. Be realistic. You want to achieve big and I’m positive that you will, but you need to pace yourself. When you are excited about something, it is easy to be duped into thinking you can do everything at once, and perhaps you can but it is important that you maintain a high standard of effort throughout. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Sometimes, in this pursuit of world domination, it is important to remember that while you will probably achieve all of your goals, it will take time. Not everything will happen at once. Take little steps; they all add up and contribute to the final outcome. Not everything has to happen at once. Surely, it is better to be great at one or two things, than to just be OK at five or six? With your goals all written down, you can make yourself a plan of action. Your goals might change, and you have to be ready for that, as it means nothing is set in stone. There is no need to rush. I have no doubt that you will be noticed for your efforts, but better that is in a positive way than in a negative way. It is okay to say “No” or “Not right now.” Sometimes late is better than never, but good planning and time management will mean the late will never happen in the first place.

Self Care

World domination is a tiring venture. Exhausting even, especially when you don’t allow yourself to rest. Work hard to achieve your goals, get your idea off the ground and running, but don’t allow it to be at the expense of your health and well being. You can build yourself a professional image and feel suffocated by it, not able to express yourself or ask for support, because you’ve given the impression that you are indeed superhuman. Of course, you’re not. Nobody is.

There are going to be days where you are full of energy and there are going to be others where you struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed. Reward yourself on the days you do well but on the days you don’t, reward yourself with more. It could mean going away for the weekend, switching your phone off, having a break from social media, enjoying leisure time with friends, being with your family, whatever it is do it and do it often enough. Don’t skip meals or sleep, because your body needs to function properly in order to achieve your dreams. You will crash and burn if you pour all your time and energy into everything but yourself. How can you achieve world domination if you are all out of energy and motivation? Learn to be in tune with yourself. Set timers to eat, if it helps. Allocate yourself a day off, evening a morning off once a week will do. Read blogs, news, watch Tedx talks to keep you motivated and perhaps indulge in Netflix once in a while to keep your feet on the ground.

These 5 tips should equip you on your journey to world domination. And when you make it? Pop back and share 5 tips of your own.

My name is Annika Spalding. I'm an author of four books, a blogger. public speaker, workshop facilitator and social media enthusiast.
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