Quick Bites: Chinese Beef Stir-Fry – 15 Minute Recipe

    This is a quick meal, perfect for those days when you cant be bothered to cook but are craving for some hot food (and its cheaper than a Chinese takeaway). Yes it can be made in under 15 minuets #realfastfood, and serves up to 4 people (or you can refrigerate it for up to 4 […]
  • How To Prepare Yourself For World Domination And Success

    Imagine this: You have just this minute thought of a fantastic idea and you cannot wait to execute it. Perhaps you’ve made notes on the corner of your diary, squealed in excitement with your friends and looked out of your bedroom at what might one day be your empire. This idea gives you butterflies, you […]
  • How to Stay Motivated at University

    As with many things we engage in, sometimes we can experience a lack of motivation. This can also occur during studies. It’s very important to stay motivated as this will help keep you going throughout your course. Remember Your Goals After my BSc degree, I found it difficult to find employment in my field. Graduating […]
  • Learn How to Cook Up A Juicy Sunday Roast Dinner in 2 Minutes

    Everyone loves a Sunday roast dinner! In Britain life is not complete without one, right? But alas you are a student; you have entered into the world of cold tins of beans and ready meals. Stop that silliness! It couldn’t be easier to cook up a yummy roast. Now, watch the video I created above […]