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Everyone loves a Sunday roast dinner! In Britain life is not complete without one, right? But alas you are a student; you have entered into the world of cold tins of beans and ready meals. Stop that silliness! It couldn’t be easier to cook up a yummy roast. Now, watch the video I created above and learn the wonders of a juicy roast chicken.

So here is a lovely list of ingredients


A whole chicken
Two onions (red and brown)
Mixed herbs



Cashew nuts 1/2 cup
Honey 1Tbs
Green beans


Some sneaky tips to perfect your roast

Turn the chicken over half way through cooking, rub some butter on it and using a spoon pour some of those lovely juices over it. Then for the last 15 mins flip it back over to crisp the skin off.

Cover the potato’s in olive oil and cook them in same trey as the chicken to soak up those juicy flavours (if they don’t crisp put them in a separate trey for the last 15 mins). Also cover the pumpkin in olive oil but cook in a separate tray for the same amount of time as the potato’s.

For the carrots you will need to boil them until they are half cooked. While they are boiling cook your red onion on a low heat in some olive oil until they are super soft, add in a table spoon of honey, cashew nuts (crush them before hand), and the carrots. Stir regularly cooking until the carrots are soft to the touch.

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