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Both Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have been known to do some pretty stupid things and it looks like they’ve both over thrown the former princess of dysfunction, Lindsay Lohan, but who deserves the crown more?

Miley Cyrus

I’m still on the fence as to whether Miley is a genius or an absolute clown. In an attempt to escape her sweet Hannah Montanah image she’s taken a very lude approach, twerking and provocatively flaunting her “goods” or lack thereof as seen at the VMAs 2013. Prancing around on stage like that in nude underwear has to be an all time low, surely she couldn’t get any lower? Wrong! Then came ‘Wrecking Ball’, a music video in which she swings around naked on a  whilst performing lude oral acts on a hammer. If she ever decides to stick her tongue back into her mouth she could perhaps be a respectable young woman, because in fact she is very intelligent and charismatic. Hopefully she realises this and focuses on putting her best foot forward rather than crying for attention.


Justin Bieber

What on earth happened to that sweet boy that signed to Usher. He’s now out here disowning the guy that played a big part in his initial success. Perhaps he had too much success too early and as a result his head has gotten too big for his shoulders as you can see below. As with Miley, Bieber appears to be another one attempting to shake his squeaky clean image and show the world he’s grown. But Justin, drinking under the influence and leaving young fans waiting 3 hours for your show are not the actions of a grown man. Quit the bad boy image, it doesn’t suit you. Remember your christian days, when you’d thank God for your success? Remember what is bestowed upon you can just as easily be taken away! I wonder what your mom has to say about you sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel young man.


It’s hard to separate the 2, not only do they look identical, but they’re both wilding out like crazy, although on reflection I think Bieber edges it for me. Who do you give the crown to?

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