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I, like the best of us, have huge trouble with being productive sometimes. When there’s a Netflix marathon just calling your name it can be difficult to prioritise your time and what is really going to make you feel fulfilled when you’re not studying or at work. Here’s a few things to remember to make the most of your 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Learn what time of day suits you

I’m quite a night-owl so all my best ideas and inspiration come just as everyone else is getting ready for bed. Whenever you feel at your most productive, try to make the most of it. I know it’s difficult if you have a 9-5 office job but if your best ideas hit you at 3am, hit the sheets super early for a change and grab a coffee in the early hours.

You might find a whole new routine that works for you, particularly if you’re at university and have the luxury of afternoon naps!

Get up early

Yawn. This is repeated a hundred times daily on blogs, tweets and nauseating pinterest self help posts BUT it’s true. Especially now it’s Spring and we have wonderfully bright mornings again, there’s no excuses. Get up early and you’ll discover a couple of extra hours that sleepy old you never even knew existed.

Be organised with your time

I don’t mean plan your next 4 weeks in a diary and stick to it religiously. By starting the week with a rough plan of what things you want to complete, when is best to complete them and pencilling in that precious spare time, it’s amazing what you will be able to achieve.

Use your days off

It’s so tempting to relax with a lush bath and a 10 hour TV binge after working five days in a row but don’t do it (although, sometimes it IS necessary.)

You’ll feel like you’ve had a much better day off when you do have to return to work the following day if you spend it wisely. As they say ‘A Sunday day off well spent brings a week of content.’


I don’t mean you have to be superman/woman and juggle everything on your to-do list but it’s sometimes easy to kill two birds with one stone.

Put your washing on whilst you clean the rest of the house. Put on that new album you bought whilst you revise (if you’re one of those students who prefer listening to something whilst working!) Take twenty minute breaks from studying to go for a quick run/shower/cleaning spree. Believe me, it’ll break up your day much more and you’ll feel more accomplished ticking all these things off that list.

I hope this helps you make the most of your time and you manage to get much more done, in turn making you feel much happier when it comes to relaxing!

How do you make the most of your time?



I'm Leanne and I'm 23. No longer a student but still learning to adult.
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