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Laptop skins are a cheap ultra cool way to give your laptop a makeover.  Instead of boring black, silver or grey cases, you can now stick a large sticker on the top and immediately draw admiring side glances to your beloved Lp wherever you go.

Check out some of these examples:

Inspiring, huh? The best stickers to go for are vinyl stickers. Gelaskins seems to provide the best quality skins and prices are around £15 and under.  There’s lots of great ideas for laptop skins if you google the term ‘laptop skins’.    You can get your favourite band, logo, sports team, family photo etc printed and on your laptop in no time.

And FYI, not only do laptop skins look awesome but they also protect your laptop from scratches.  And, when you get bored with one design, you can switch to another easy peasy by peeling off the sticker and replacing it with a new one.  You don’t get that with a tatoo now, do you. . . So in short, I’m saying lets make 2010 the year of laptop customisation.

Love, ‘LouisVuittonDon’  AikaT.X

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