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The idea of coming to study in the UK has made me excited for years. I was desperate for independence and what better than moving to another country, on your own, at the age of eighteen? Studying Fashion Promotion here felt like the first step to my new, exciting fashion life.

However, now that I’ve been living here for the past six months all I recall is doing a lot of laundry, trips to the supermarket and way too many eye-rolls towards people who think they are Fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love my degree, I’ve met amazing people and have incredible memories and experiences to tell my friends and family back home. It’s just not as easy as they told me, or as I expected it to be. First of all, let me really quickly mention that this weather depresses me. Coming from the Costa del Solin the south of Spain does not help in terms of adapting to the grey, cold, rainy and windy weather whilst my mother sends me beautiful sunrise (and sunset!!) pictures of the beach view from my house. Thanks a lot mum.

Being independent is way more expensive than I ever could imagine, which leads me to my second point: looking for a job. In six months all I found was a sh*tty shoe shop in Portobello market where they expected me to exchange my soul for less than the minimum wage salary and work for two whole days for free. Great.  And that’s all I could find.

So lately I’ve been giving it a little thought, as I was having a nice mental breakdown, and I’ve decided to take it easy from now on. No, this is not exactly what I expected but they do say that good things in life don’t come easy. I just need to learn how to enjoy the good without letting the bad get to me as much. Appreciate what I have and make the best of it. That’s a little advice I would give everyone. Valuing the small things in life is a really easy tip to be happy. So basically what I’ve been trying to say with this post is that being a student is not always as easy nor as fun as many have told us. Films, books, friends and relatives… all our lives we’ve been told, directly or indirectly, that uni life was going to be wild and crazy. Well.. most of the time it isn’t. But I’ve learned so much these past months, met unbelievable people, been to beautiful places and enjoyed everything a lot that I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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