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All the fun of another night out is over having had way more than we should to drink and spent all our money. We hit the bed at the end of the night and in the morning, the inevitable… We have to put up with one hell of a hangover. So here is my hangover routine which restores a little humanity back into my life when I feel like I’m on deaths door! Hopefully you can take some helpful tips from my routine to fight you hangover off next time!

Step 1: Get Organised


Firstly I am very organised so before I go out I will make sure my bed is clear so I can launch myself straight into it when I arrive home at unseen hours of the morning. I will also lay out a glass of water and 2 paracetamol to take straight away in the morning. Then I will lay out my glasses so I take my lenses out when I get in. Ill also make sure my phone charger is ready for me to plug my phone straight in. When I get in will stumble up to my bedroom where I will half undress myself peel my lenses of my eyes not forgetting to plug my phone in. Then depending on how intoxicated I am and if I’ve brought food home with me I will usually cuddle up in bed eat my food and either watch pretty little liars or youtube I then will get half way through my food and fall asleep not forgetting to take my lenses out!

Step 2: Get Up


When I wake up the next morning/evening with a throbbing head I put my glasses on, drink the glass of water and take my paracetamol I put out last night whilst thinking thanks Tom in the past! Then I will go straight to look at my phone I will check my messages and my social medias and then I will got to snapchat save everything on my story and then delete them all because they are all to embarrassing for existence. I then go through everyones stories and screenshot all embarrassing pictures of myself…

Step 3: Get Food


Then I will get up put some comfy clothes and slippers on and head to the toilet after drinking that glass of water! I will go down stairs and put the kettle straight on and make myself a very strong coffee and something to eat usually a bagel then I will take my coffee and my bagel upstairs and eat them in bed while watching youtube…

Step 4: Get Clean


After I’ve binge watched Youtube for a few hour and gained some feeling back in my body, I then jump in the shower and wash my hair while having a sing song to songs I danced to last last night and vaguely remember. Then I will so my skin routine to try and clear some of the mess alcohol has made on my face as my skin really doesn’t like alcohol.

Step 5: Get Tea


Finally I make myself a green tea to get all the toxins out of my body. Today I decided to try a new green tea I bought which was orange flavour and I really enjoyed it! I will then go about my normal day as now I will feel a lot better and more myself.

I hope you’ve liked looking at my hangover routine and how I deal with the hell of having one. I hope you can all take some tips from this and hopefully fight it off next time. Thank you all for reading!

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