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Is Facebook more than social networking?

It is hardly scarce to go into a university library without seeing several students browsing their facebook before they get down to serious work, telling themselves they will start it right after they check their notifications (yes we have all been there).

With this amount of attraction to a social networking website, you have to wonder: Do we control facebook, or is facebook controlling us?

Ok you’ve set up your facebook, you started adding friends,  uploading pictures, tagging friends, choosing fan pages etc… when boom! It hits you that hours have passed and you haven’t actually done anything meaningful nor finished any of that work you piled away on the desk.

Facebook’s control over us is increasing and it isn’t surprising when you hear reports that people prefer to use facebook and chat to friends online rather than go out to the pub or do other recreational activities.

Facebook is not all evil and bad but you should always ask yourself, are you in control of it, or is it in control of you?

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