• 3 Reasons Why Facebook Buying Whatsapp is Bad News for Users!

    Facebook splashed out a whopping 19 Instagrams ($19billion) to acquire the mobile messaging service, Whatsapp, only for the app to experience lengthy down time several days later. Of course, these occurances aren’t directly related (or are they (conspiracy theories)), but to many people this is an omen of what is to come for the popular app. […]
  • Want To Be Happier? Get Off Facebook

    The Social Network That Makes You Feel Miserable   Facebook was designed by a student for students, so though it is now open to everyone above the age of 13, it’s little wonder you’d be hard pressed to find an undergrad not using it. However Facebook is a lot more than just a crippling source […]
  • Why You Deserve a Facebook Diet

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes you sit at a computer, load up the internet browser and before you know it, your fingers are in autopilot reaching out to those far too familiar letters: F–A–C–E… You don’t even have to type the whole address, the auto-complete function of the browser finishes off the kill for you. Like […]
  • Overheard at Manchester University

    If your University hasn’t got an ‘Overhead at ….’ facebook group then you are missing out on some serious banter and laughter. The idea revolves around a facebook group whose wall is open to students to post random tid bits from strange and funny conversations overheard somewhere on campus or around the city. This week, […]
  • Does Facebook Control You?

    Is Facebook more than social networking? It is hardly scarce to go into a university library without seeing several students browsing their facebook before they get down to serious work, telling themselves they will start it right after they check their notifications (yes we have all been there). With this amount of attraction to a […]