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If your University hasn’t got an ‘Overhead at ….’ facebook group then you are missing out on some serious banter and laughter.

The idea revolves around a facebook group whose wall is open to students to post random tid bits from strange and funny conversations overheard somewhere on campus or around the city.

This week, we flicked through the Manchester University page, which has around 1300 members at the moment. Check out some highlights below:

Manchester University

Overheard at the OP bus stop while the student was in a long queue on the way to an exam:

Frustrated girl student: Where are all these bloody students coming from?

Amused guy student: Where we can from, I suppose.

Overheard on a 197 bus:

Guy 1: Is China in Japan?

Guy 2: I think so. They have the same language right?

Guy 1: No, that’s what’s different.

Guy 2: Basically the same as Wales then.

Guy 1: Yeah.

In Sainsbury’s Fallowfield, a girl carrying 3 big bags of doughnuts:

Girl with doughnuts: I really shouldn’t buy these, tell me to put them down.

Boy: Put them down.

Girl: No!

Chavs on magic bus:

Chav 1: How do these students afford sweet digs like that? (in reference to OP tower)

Chav 2: They don’t pay for it. It’s mugs like us who pay for them!

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One thought on “Overheard at Manchester University

  1. Why show a photograph of Manchester Metropolitan University when you (say) you are talking about Manchester University. They are different universities you know! Very sloppy journalism.

    December 8, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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