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In the world of student studying (yes, that thing you came to university to do) we have come a long way in our approaches to tackling the books. We’ve gone from long days in the academia environment absorbing half of the library all by hand to the modern day slobbing out in our beds with a pot noodle and a Netflix binge. Okay okay I am joking…but you know I am right?

I’ll stop accusing you of your procrastination habits and get onto the point in hand. You could say we’ve never had it easier when it comes to tackling those long reading lists and assignments with advanced technology around us. I count myself lucky to be part of the digital generation where it isn’t uncommon to see a student in the library sat at a desk with a laptop on one side and tablet propped up on the other. It often leads me questioning how on earth students from the *cough prehistoric cough* olden days coped without laptops and tablets?!

I started university with only a laptop as my study aid. There is no wrong in this, I could take it to uni and back, write my essays just fine and of course, get many hours of TV in a day too. However I was facing one slight problem – the reading. My course was heavily researched based which meant reading lots of journal articles every day. I found this particularly difficult when it came to assignments as, well I don’t know about you but it can be so boring staring at a black and white document on a laptop screen. I’d also wander on over to Facebook ‘accidentally’ in the middle of an article. Woops. By the time it got to my second year of University tablets had started to really take off. I decided for Christmas I would like Santa to deposit on in my stocking ready for spring term to begin. I wish I had this genius idea in my first year. Having a tablet completely transformed my study habits in these ways:

Paying Attention

Reading a 30 page journal article is much simpler on a tablet. It was easy to scroll through the pages and it didn’t feel half as long and as overwhelming as it did on a laptop screen. I found I was paying more attention and it didn’t feel long and drawn out (Basically I stopped skipping to the conclusion!).


I found myself flying through my reading lists so much faster with a tablet. Journal articles are easy to download and with your trusty tablet you can settle somewhere comfy and quiet for a good read. Plus you are less likely to wander on to that little Facebook news feed of yours when the whole screen is engulfed in that really interesting article you got there!


Need a quick recap in your seminar on the set reading? Or did you forget to do your reading and need to blag your way through a seminar? Well you have your trusty tablet to quickly download the reading and bounce off it for discussions. Convenient right?

Note Taking

Like many of my tablet owning friends, I could take notes on my tablet in lectures and have them next to me when writing up assignments. Having my laptop for assignments and my tablet for notes gave me a clearer head and I was less likely to flick onto Twitter or Facebook on my laptop. Darn those social networking sites!

Tablets are a great way to aid your study, especially with many apps such as organisers, calendars and email keeping you on track with your studies. Some apps are even designed to fit your university system meaning you can access all of your modules with the click of a button. From personal experience, tablets can have a huge positive impact on the efficiency of your study habits and are a great way of breaking down the workload. Maybe if you’re good boys and girls Santa will drop you one in your stocking this up and coming Christmas?

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