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Ok, seeing as Whatsapp is in the news and I’m currently actually writing a post about the acquisition, I also thought it was apt I take a moment out to educate you. It really annoys me when people don’t understand what the 2 ticks mean. 2 ticks does NOT mean read. Unlike messaging services such as BBM or iMessage, Whatsapp does not have a “read receipt” feature.

1 Tick

A single tick signals that the message has been successfully sent. Sent in this instance means that the Whatsapp servers have received the message from your phone and will attempt to deliver it to the intended recipient. If the recipient is unavailable, for instance they do not have an internet connection, then the server will hold onto the message until such time that the user has an internet connection.

If the recipient has “Last Seen Timestamp” turned off then it works a little different as I’ll explain in a moment.


2 Ticks

“Woo success!,” exclaimed the Whatsapp server. 2 ticks means that the server has managed to deliver the message to the designated recipient.

If the recipient has Last Seen Timestamp turned off then it will only become 2 ticks once the recipient has opened the app and been online even if they’ve already received a notification.

Couldn’t be simpler really, could it?


Last Seen

While I’m at it I also feel compelled to point out that last seen also does not mean Read. It merely represents the last time the users application connected to the whatsapp servers, aka the user was online.

So please, please, please realise, I never actually read your message. That is all! =]


Whatsapp recently added read receipts. When a user opens a conversation the 2 green ticks will now turn blue.

Uh Oh!

Edit 2:

Although on by default, Whatsapp sneakily updated its privacy options giving you the ability to turn read receipts off (thank goodness for that). Simply navigate to: Settings > Account > Privacy. At the bottom of this screen you will see the option to turn read receipts off, however they will still be sent for group chats. Guess we can’t have it all, but it’s a win nonetheless.

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