• 2016: A Year to Say Yes More and Better Yourself

    2016 is here and it’s here to stay (for another eleven and a bit months, at least). The raucous celebrations invested in waving goodbye to 2015 are over, you are settled back to the old routine of another term at university and you have most probably broken all of your new years resolutions already. But […]
  • 15 Things We Wish We Knew As Freshers; The Complete University Survival Guide

    Freshers is here and we have one piece of advice for you – forget everything you’ve been told about university. Forget what your advisors told you about scheduling and how modern media has portrayed Greek Life. The movies are wrong, the rumours are wrong, and my goodness, what your dad is telling you… well, it’s […]
  • How to Make the Most of University

    Ok, so mention university and most people picture students falling out of pubs, lazing around watching daytime television and graduating with a lifetime full of debts. When you’re a Student, it’s all too easy to go out every night and spend all day sleeping off your hangover. Of course, it feels fantastic to have so […]
  • What the Whatsapp Ticks and Last Seen Actually Mean

    Ok, seeing as Whatsapp is in the news and I’m currently actually writing a post about the acquisition, I also thought it was apt I take a moment out to educate you. It really annoys me when people don’t understand what the 2 ticks mean. 2 ticks does NOT mean read. Unlike messaging services such […]