I Am A Woman; Not an Object But An Authentic, Powerful and Independent Being

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I love this piece by Annika Spalding. I thought I’d share it as in many ways it’s a precursor to a project we’re working on celebrating black beauty. It is a powerful spoken word piece which empowers and encourages women to embrace their authenticity. A celebration of women everywhere with the powerful affirmation: I Am A Woman. Check out the video above and follow the beautiful words below.

I Am a woman,
A strong, independent being
With hopes, dreams and aspirations,
Engage well with mental stimulation
But entertain this for a second;
The idea that I am not an object,
A possession or a trophy.
I am not here to be stared at,
Groped, followed or harassed.
I will hold my head high when I walk past.
I am not here to live in fear of what you might do
Should I have the audacity to reject you.

Yes, I am a woman,
But I’m not here to be pretty,
It is not all of who I am.
Understand that I am whole and remain whole
In the absence of a man.
I am not a piece of meat
For you to drool over and hunt,
Like predators who prey.
I am not here to be put on display,
An item, sold to the highest bidder.
My purpose in this world is much bigger
Than the way that I wear my hair
Or the company I keep,
The way that I dress
Or who I choose to sleep with.

Yes, I am a woman
But my validation comes from within,
Not images printed in magazines
Or how women are portrayed on TV screens.
Those degrading names meant to keep me in my place
Seem to forget that I am more than a pretty face.
And if pretty is all that matters,
Then I don’t care for your time.
I am not defined by
Your judgement or your approval.

Yes, I am a woman
But I will not compete with another.
I will respect a woman, like I do my mother.
I refuse to take part in comparisons
Used to keep a woman in her place.
I am more than my face.
I am more than my body.
I am more than the stereotypes,
More than Instagram and Facebook likes.
I am the love that I give,
The wisdom behind the words that I speak,
The reality I create from believing in my dreams,

I love creating and being creative. I also love helping people develop. My desire is to help young people find their place in life and fulfil their potential.
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