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Hitting the water, whether it be the beach or hanging out at the pool, is always a favorite summer activity. For many, looking good in their bathing suits is a very large concern. Maybe you put on a little weight over the winter? Maybe exams really stressed you out and you haven’t been able to work out like you wanted to. Well, don’t worry about it! Here is what you need to do in order to look your best in that bathing suit!

Step 1

Buy the bathing suit.

Step 2

Put it on your body.

Step 3

There isn’t one

That’s it! Seriously! Look, I know everyone has insecurities, and this is the time of year the diet companies really get to work on shoving those bikini clad models in our faces. But here’s the thing, no one looks like those models, and no one should have to. Every person has the right to go to the beach this summer not worrying about what other people think of their bodies. They should be spending it out with their friends on the beach, or going to that pool party, not making excuses for why they can’t go, or not buying the swimsuit they really want just because they are afraid it won’t look good on them.

Maybe people are going to judge you, and I know that hurts like crazy, but you can’t let it stop you from living your life how you want to. You should never have to feel ashamed for your body just because you don’t meet some stranger’s standards. If you have struggled with insecurity about your body for a long time, this might be hard. Learning to love yourself when the world is telling you that you shouldn’t is one of the hardest things you can do, but by doing so you will create whole new world, a whole new life, and a whole new you to enjoy.

This summer don’t let anyone stop you from having fun in the sun. Make this the summer you learn to love your body without any hesitation, and go to the beach with pride knowing that you and your body are beautiful.

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