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Recently as I’ve talked to people and listen to the things they are going through often I come to the point where I realise that we have these strange complex relationships with ourselves. Be it overall or even just in certain parts of our lives, it’s fascinating to think that so many of us don’t really like ourselves and this becomes expressed in so many different ways within our daily lives.

This realisation brought my focus to that of Self-Love. My thought being if we can Love ourselves just a little bit more, so many other things would begin to fall into place or at least it would becomes a little easier to move forward. This has found me actively telling people that they need to improve their relationships with themselves, they need to work on their Self-Love! Which sounds so simple and is easy to say, but in practice it’s really not that straight forward. Even when you become cognisant of the gaps within the relationship with yourself, overcoming it is a whole other issue. One that’s usually the result of the mindset and practices that have brought the relationship into its current state.

This is to say I was at an impasse. Even as I was preaching Self-Love, it wasn’t something that those who really needed to hear it could grasp; there was a disconnect. One I was struggling to figure out, but as I found myself writing and reading more it became evident that Self-Compassion was this missing step. Self-Compassion was the starting point to a better place in our relationships with ourselves, the first step on the path back to ourselves.

My personal articulation on this idea is still in gestation, but having found this TED talk by Kristin Neff this morning, I realised that this is what I have been trying to express to different people in some form or another for the past few months.


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