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So it’s that time of year again when Venus Williams decides to get her butt out for our viewing pleasure at the Australian Open…LMAO (no pun intended).  Actually, what’s happened is that Venus, who has a degree in fashion design (this is fact not fiction), decided to create some flesh coloured shorts that helpfully have a split up them resembling a crack – wow, so clever, and she decided to showcase them on Saturday at the Australian Open.  What do you think?  Will you be searching out a pair?

Hopefully they come in all shades.  I think they are hilarious and can’t stop laughing every time I look at the picture.  I would so wear these to my local sports centre just to see people’s reaction + I’ll have an awesome Halloween 010 costume.

In trying to explain Venus’ fashion aberration, I came up with the theory that the Tennis Association paid her an extra million or something to go out in these flesh coloured shorts and generally get some press coverage for the Open so more people would actually start watching the oft forgotten sport. I mean, think about it, by show of hands (a.k.a. comments), how many of you actually knew there was a tennis tournament going on at the mo in Australia?

I actually hope my conspiracy theory is true otherwise people in mental hospitals could start bringing unfair incarceration lawsuits…although scratch that:

…if this Lady’s allowed to wander the streets without complaints then Venus can keep on rocking her flesh coloured ball-sacks.  Welcome to Barmy Mondays! Leave us some Comments.

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