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A few years ago I had the privellage of meeting a lovely woman by the name of Mandee Lal at a life coaching seminar. As we engaged in dialogue she blew my mind as she shared how every night when she put her then 5 year old son to sleep this is the message she gave him.

“There is greatness inside you. Be the best you can be and find your greatness.”

I just thought it was simply amazing! So many of our ideas of the world are formed during our childhood, and to have an idea of such magnitude instilled in you so early on in life is deeply inspiring. Even at that age, Mandee’s words had already helped mould her young son’s ambitions. One day he had an idea that he was going to do a walk for charity, and walk he did; a distance of 5 miles, covering a mile for each year of his life and raising over £2800 in the process.

This really resonated with me at the time and has stuck with me so I thought I’d share why I believe the quote is so powerful and how you can harness your greatness by utilising it’s 3 key components.


“There is greatness inside you.”

There is greatness in us all, but often many of us neglect to acknowledge its presence or potential. We need to first realise that we are born to be great and that the potential resides within us before we can be great. Easier said than done right? But it needn’t be! Expectation is the bane of growth and quite often it hinders us from looking beyond our current set of circumstances to see what we can become. Instead of looking outward for your greatness, search within.


“Be the best you can be,”

Being the best you can be is a two prong process. Firstly, what it says on the tin; working to your maximum capabilities at any given time. Like an athlete, when you give your all consistently your capacity to perform only increases; you get better and better. To perform at such a level often requires stepping out of our comfort zones, but it is in our places of discomfort we grow the most.

Secondly, to be the best you can be, you must focus on being the best You can be, and not being better than or as good as anyone else. Often we measure our abilities using the benchmarks of other people and undermine our own capacities and achievements in the process. This quote best sums it up “The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.”


“find your greatness.”

Finding your greatness doesn’t necessarily mean you are suddenly a multimillionaire or are amidst the elite in your field, it means you have now discovered your purpose and have a stronger sense of self. So many concede that they do not have the capacity to be great before even attempting to go on a quest of personal discovery. The notion of greatness itself is one of magnitude and anything of magnitude requires an equal level of work. We can not discover our greatness without first putting in the performance.

This sense of purpose gives you a focal point. It sets what you’re working towards enabling you to understand what it is that you are trying to achieve. Visualisation is crucial for fulfilment as you can not arrive at a destination without first knowing where it is you are heading.

This quote perfectly embodies what STDNT is all about. Personal discovery and realising our potential as people. So on that, let’s recognise that there is greatness inside us all and act to the best of our abilities to release it.

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