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Every laptop I see on campus these days is a Macbook. While a few whip out their Blackberries, the majority whip out iPhones. iPod wise, you cannot trek off to campus without noticing the signature white earphones plunged away in some unbeknownst ear. Apple is everywhere!

I remember not too long ago (actually about 3 years ago) when I felt like I was part of an exclusive club with my white Macbook (which I am typing this on). I would take it to Uni and it was a bold statement: “I don’t follow the crowd. I am different. I am a Mac!”

Well those glorious days are gone for the Macbook, iPod, and all things Apple. Today, when you buy an Apple product, you are not ‘different’; you are as common as they come–well except for those of us who have been with Apple since the early days, well before their tipping point.

While Apple has lost it’s exclusivity, us original Apple fans can enjoy a smirk or two with a pronounced “I told you so!” about how right we were all along. Apple products are not only ‘cooler’, they actually are a pleasure to use and make a lot of ‘cool’ stuff happen with so much ease. So go out there, buy yourself an Apple, and help them make another $15 billion this quarter.

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2 thoughts on “Apples Everywhere!

  1. I suppose as you say, the usability is phenomenal especially when you have programs like parallels that allows you to run windows also. the ease with which you can open programs, have mutliple programs running, do little magic things with the multi-touch pad and the corners tricks just make the apple experience magnificent,

    More and more people are realising Apples superior functionality when compared with a windows machine. the ease of synchronisation between your macbook, iphone or ipod is just immense, Apple have even gone that one step further with wireless synchronisation via MobileMe!

    I suppose we could praise apple macs all day long, the feel of the machine, the aluminium unibody, but anyways…

    “Once you go Mac, You aint never going Back!”

    March 17, 2010 at 3:23 pm
  2. techboy

    lol yep, as the old saying goes, you never will go back. I am glad to see people seeing how macs ARE the complete solution.

    March 17, 2010 at 3:40 pm

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