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We had some great entries but unfortunately there could only be one winner of the £50 hungryhouse voucher. We decided to pick this one because it’s reflective of student behaviour in that it shows a failure to priorize and a longing to be popular. So without further to do here is the winning entry and a couple of honourable mentions.

The Winning Entry

I decided I was going to throw a Christmas Eve party I invited friends and family although realised I was a little short of money so I dipped into my rent money to cover the food and drink as I didn’t have enough thinking I could just be a little late on my rent. I set all the food out and lined up the drinks then waited.. And waited and waited nobody turned up! I called people I had invited but they said oh really sorry we so busy so I had a lounge full of food and drink and no one at my party gutted wasn’t the word!! My landlord wasn’t prepared for my rent to be late threatening all sorts if he didn’t get his money so I had to pay him with my food and bus fare to work money then came the predicament of me having no food for the month so all I could think if doing is freezing all the party food I had made and walking the hour it takes to work until next payday so for the next month I was eating cocktail sausages pork pies and onion bhajis with sandwiches I had wrapped into foil for the month I was go gutted and thinking back I’m still actually gutted when I think about it now xx

– Gaynor

Something to make you Chuckle

A few years ago in my office party, a rather large mate of mine decided to photocopy his ample backside. It all started well enough, but shourtly after pressing the green button, he heard an alarming crack. Before he could get off, the entire glass cover broke trapping him inside the innards of the photocopier. Despite the fact that he had several sharp shards of glass sticking into him, he chuckled quite happily as I called for an ambulance to help prize him out.

– Nick

Something Sad

Two days before Christmas I got in a huge fight with my parents. I was so mad I decided to sleep in my car that night. The next day (Christmas Eve) I went back home hoping for forgiveness from my parents, but instead they kicked me out and told me to take my stuff. I had nowhere to go so I spent those nights walking around my home and sleeping on the bench near my house, hoping to reconcile with my parents. The next day on Christmas I watched from outside a window as my parents and relatives celebrated and opened gifts – as if I didn’t exist.

– Israr

Something… Ouch!

My worst xmas party was last year my works do, my first month in the job so my first night out with them. I tried jumping on my managers back because i thought a piggy bag would be a good idea, she feel on the floor and chipped her tooth on the kirb! I then had to pay for her to get a cap on it, i’m deffo not her fave employee!!

– Azrar

Featured image from Chilli Club

So the lesson’s here are don’t throw parties that involve spending beyond your means, don’t sit on photocopiers if you’re a lil heavier than average and most certainly do not jump on your bosses back.

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