• How to Make Dating at University Work; 4 Things to Consider

    This time of year, you’d be hard pushed to find a shop, website or blog post that isn’t full of tips on finding love, or what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you’re single or loved up to the max, love is definitely in the air. Dating at uni can be […]
  • The Complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him, For Her and For Yourself

    Let’s be honest, life is stressful but the people around us make that stress seem so non-existent, they empower us, inspire us, they make us smile even when the wind has hit and it feels like our faces may stay in a permanent frown. Valentine’s day was originally a holiday from ancient Rome, which celebrated […]
  • Valentine’s Day Special: Heart Shaped Cake Recipe

    Valentine’s Day is here. Although nowadays it is more of a commercial celebration, it has stayed as a common practice to make something special for this day. I apologise for posting this recipe late, but things have been a tad hectic with my workload. Despite this I had time to make this cake yesterday evening, […]
  • Money Saving Valentine’s Day Tips for Students

    *Warning* – May guarantee more relationship disasters then successful dates! Well, unless you live under a rock, you know it’s Valentine’s Day this up and coming Friday. If you’re reading this post in the hopes of finding good fast advice, well you have quite obviously left it to the last minute and are panicking. Fear […]