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I’ve been a huge lover of candles and wax melts since as long as I can remember. I remember digging through one of my parents ‘junk drawers’ when I was really little and finding a wax melt and being so fascinated with it. Once I found out what it actually did and what it was for my excitement and intrigue doubled. I just loved the idea of being able to melt wax over a candle and not got told ff for doing so and making a mess. I loved to watch the candle begin to melt, the urge to stick my finger in every few seconds to see how melted it was getting was just too much and many a time did I end up with waxy fingers.

Back then I’m not really too sure what brands we used to burn. It was really anything my mum would come back with so I didn’t get a choice in the brands but I did used to love the cinnamon and other Christmas scented ones.

Over the years I have tried hundreds of different kinds of wax melts. I love to compare the different types of melts and watching how they all melt slightly differently each time. From brands like Yankee Candle, Bomb Cosmetics & Flamingo to Valley Mill and Busy Bee. There are so many fantastic brands to choose from that it can make deciding on which to go for very difficult, especially if you haven’t really used them much before.

Enter Yankee Candle

I have to say, there is one brand I always seem to end up going back to and that’s Yankee Candle wax melts. I just find them such good value for money. For example, we started our latest wax melt at the beginning of December, a beautiful cinnamon one that was delicious to have going over the Christmas holidays. However, months later, we are still burning this wax melt and it’s not even half way through. We burn this candle every day but it’s so strong that we only need it on for an hour or so before it’s filled the entire house with gorgeous cinnamon wafting through the air. You might think that this would be annoying as once they are melted into the burner, it’s better to leave them until they’ve burnt down than try to remove it half way through. So, we decided to go and get two other burners to have in other places around the house, all with a different scented wax melt in so we can mix it up if we wanted to and to have a break from the strong cinnamon.

Value for Money

I do love candles, especially around the bath whilst i’m having a dreamy soak in the tub but other than that I would go for a wax melt every time (other than The White Company – Wild Mint Candle – BLISS!). I find their scents much stronger and they last months longer than candles do so it saves you loads of money. Money you can then go out and spend on more wax melts…bonus!!

I can hear you all screaming at me that this brand is so expensive at that there are so many others that are much cheaper…well, my local garden centre recently had them on offer so they only cost be £0.75 pence each! This is loads cheaper than most wax melts out there so I stocked up and bought…oh about…20 of them! At this rate they should last me for the next few years, if not longer. I do agree normally they are pretty expensive but I normally only buy them when they’re on offer so I treat myself to tonnes of them and put them in my storm cellar (so the husband calls it).

Let me know what wax melts you’re currently loving. I’d love to try out some new ones so if you have any tips, please do let me know.


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