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I have just finished re-watching the Empire season finale and I’m still processing it all!

Empire has been a force of Nature! The show isn’t good, the music isn’t good but every week I’ve been right there waiting for the next episode, it’s unmissable. It’s been an event! Hustle & Flow The Show!

I want to write something intelligent. Attempt to dissect the finer points of the experience but the show itself is ignorance incarnate. It demands you disengage logic, disengage reason and each week you comply. Returning with an empty plate asking for another helping. More Cookie!

It’s been a shared experience. Consumption of the show extending beyond the confines of its 50 minute runtime. Tweets. Memes. It’s been inescapable. Even Madonna had to concede to the will of the Lyons as the soundtrack beat her out for the spot atop the chart. But that is not enough, onward Empire marches threatening to even spawn real Music careers from its fictious buds!

The finale was true to the spirit of Empire. Nothing was sacred, no position maintained, no character was safe. Everything was fair game, dangled over the television balcony for 2 gripping hours and you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! And as the dust settled we’re just left like…

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