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All hail the iPhone, for it has been reincarnated in a fourth iteration: the iPhone 4! It looks like Apple are definitely doing to phones what they did with mp3 players.

Every year, there will be some new model to entice you in gladly emptying your wallets. And every year, Apple—being the innovation machine that it is—will continue to amaze and dazzle in design and features, leaving the competitors behind (**cough** HTC+Android and Blackberry **cough**).

There are a ton of new features, but what really stood out to us were the following three:

    1. Retina Display

The quality is so good, Apple claims it will look like a printed page! This is because the display now has four times the pixel count of the previous iPhone models.

    1. Video Calling

Apple calls the new technology, FaceTime. Video calling is not new on phones, but it is yet to kick off fully. The iPhone could give it the boost it needs to become a viable alternative to making voice calls.

This feature only works over wi-fi, so you will be limited to making calls where you have a wi-fi spot, but we are certain that the phone networks will gain the speeds required in the future for video calls to be made from anywhere.

    1. New Camera + Flash

There are now two cameras. The regular 5 megapixel camera (with a LED flash), plus an additional front facing camera. What is really amazing about the new camera is that it can record videos in HD.

For more information, check out the iPhone page on Apple’s website or check out the gallery pictures below.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 4!

  1. ahhh i’m absolutely gutted- my birthday was in March and I’ve been waiting the whole time since for the new iPhone but I’ve been told now there’s no point getting a fancy phone for a year in America because it’s just too expensive!!
    It looks amazing though :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

    June 9, 2010 at 8:20 am
  2. Michael

    yeah, this definitely trumps the 3GS. The new iPhone will be cheaper in America, you should get it there!

    June 10, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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