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In a debate between myself and my boyfriend on the best kind of cuisine, Mexican food always rates highly. In my opinion, anything smothered in cheese, covered in salsa and wrapped in a tortilla is a good idea. In his, it’s anything with meat and cheese, so everyone’s a winner. We’re also both massive fans of Chiquitos, so when we were offered the opportunity to go sample their new menu for Student Fashion Blog, we couldn’t wait!

Because we were planning on going on a Friday night, I booked a table a few days before, which was definitely a good idea as it was typical-Friday-night busy. When we got to our table, we were introduced to our waitress Charlotte (easy to remember!) and brought a bowl of seasoned popcorn, which I singly-handedly devoured while agonising over the drinks menu. After a long week at work, a cocktail was definitely required, so I ordered a Key West Cooler (which turned out to be as pretty as it was delicious!) and my boyfriend Oli got a Modelo. We also ordered a big bowl of fully loaded nachos with salsa to munch on while we perused the menu. As I said, anything with salsa and cheese is a hit in my book and nachos might actually be my favourite food (any excuse to eat crisps disguised as a meal), so they didn’t last very long between the two of us! They were smothered in sour cream, salsa, jalapeños and my favourite, guacamole and definitely held us over until our mains! After eating every single one of the nachos, we ordered our mains (in the hope that the nachos would have gone down a bit by main time!). There was no pressure from our waitress to order, which was perfect as we spent far too long chatting and then even longer trying to decide what to get! I went for the king prawn fajitas and Oli had the BBQ pulled pork fajitas. We were still pretty full from our nachos but the fajitas arrived quickly on sizzling hot plates with salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and tortillas. Chiquitos also let you know on the menu that if you need any extras, just to let them know so I cheekily asked for extra guacamole and Oli asked for extra cheese.

Often when you order something with king prawns you get about five and a load of other stuff to bulk it out, but I got two full skewers, which was more than enough for the four tortillas, with lots of onions and peppers too! Admittedly, despite making valiant effort we didn’t finish all our food (and believe me, I really wanted to!) The king prawn fajitas were absolutely delicious and a change from the veg fajitas I usually go for, and Oli really enjoyed the BBQ pork.. We were way too stuffed for dessert, but did enjoy another drink each. When we got our bill we were also presented with a coupon for 20% off our next meal there. Bonus! I’m thinking of the goat’s cheese salad next time…

Thanks Student Fashion Blog and Chiquitos for a great night out, we both had a great time! Chiquitos is always a favourite and their new menu has loads of other options such as new wraps, salads and burgers for the days when you don’t want the usual Mexican fare (although I’m not sure I ever have those days!). The food was fantastic for the price, plus there are always tonnes of offers for penny-pinching students. It’s perfect when you want a good meal out but don’t want to break the bank or feel intimidated by fancy options. We’ll definitely be back soon, especially with our 20% off voucher! Plus they have a great deal for students all year round saving 25%.

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