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Here’s to mums! There’s much debate about whether it’s spelt with an ‘O’ or a ‘U’ but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that Mother’s Day is here and what better season than Spring to celebrate it in. Spring is a time of new growth and life, when Mother Nature gives birth to beauty. Bare trees begin to blossom, the days get longer and lighter, the sky gets bluer and brighter. Winter fades and here comes the sun, hopefully; much like mothers who somehow manage to clean up after us. They brought us into the world and ushered us into adulthood. The adolescent stage may have been slightly bumpy but we made it. At age 18, most of us are pushed out of the nest to some extent but before we go let’s thank our mums for teaching us flight 101. Continuing onto higher education can feel like a big leap, either way we fall into huge debt but at least we’re bettering ourselves right? If you’re anything like the average student you only realised how much your mum does when you moved away from home, that’s if you moved away from home, if you didn’t, prepare for the shock of a lifetime.

I know in my student house I often felt like a frustrated mother, wondering why it was so hard for flatmates to locate the vacuum cleaner, or the surface spray, a cloth at least. I finally understood how difficult it is to not become a nag. The next time she asks you to do something you should consider that maybe she’d rather not have to ask. It’s a bit awkward. For instance, reminding your housemate it’s their turn to buy the toilet roll, or asking them to flush next time. At times my maternal instinct kicked in when I noticed a guy I lived with could only cook eggs, I wanted to teach him like my mum taught me, but assumed he’d prefer instant noodles – less effort. Once he complimented my chicken not knowing it was seasoned but still raw, but I’m not judging. I remember attempting to cook some meals I hadn’t made before, thinking to myself that mum would know; phoning her up to ask for tips, putting the phone down and phoning her again to refresh my memory. Though she was far she was never too far.

Student living taught me that taking care of myself is a full time job, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be responsible for other lives too. Sure, I’ve been relatively independent for years, but who knew things like food shopping and bill paying could be so much stress. Like most people I want kids, however at this age what I like most about kids is being able to give them back. What I envy most about kids is their carefree attitude, they can afford this because they depend on others for pretty much everything. We say we want our independence and we probably do but no matter how much of an ‘adult’ we become we will always be our mother’s children. I find myself talking like her, using old sayings, aware of what I mean when I say them but clueless about their origins. I smile wide like my mum and I laugh crazy like her too. I don’t particularly look like her but parts of me resemble her. Related or not, we all begin to ‘look like’ those we spend the most time with. Today we honour our good company.

The one who took you to school is the same one who saw you off at university, the one who helped you revise for spelling tests is the same one who helps you through your emotional breakdowns over impossible deadlines. The same one will be there celebrating you at graduation and every accomplishment you make that she never gets to see she will still be proud of. Any woman who took it upon herself to invest in you is good company and a mother of some sort. One mother can be so many things to us, a friend, teacher, even a sister. Some families are matriarchal in which the mother played the part of the father too, single-handedly supporting the household, becoming the backbone of their upbringing. Whilst I think it’s wonderful that daffodils are a symbol of this special day I can’t help but assume that not every woman likes flowers. Not every mother is gentle and docile, some are firm and outspoken, or why not both? We don’t all have the same situation. Some of us mourn our mother’s memory and others wonder what it would have been like to know her, but we can all experience a maternal love. True maternal love is unconditional, protective and caring. As we celebrate this ‘holiday’, appreciate the affection that cannot be solely expressed in cards, teddies or mugs with writing on. I’d say they’re well deserving of breakfast in bed. Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi! I'm Joelle, I'm young, bubbly and addicted to creativity. I write with poetic flair, I laugh at a lot of things and maintain a positive attitude about life.
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