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Cooking is just one of the many things you’ll have to learn some day so why not start now. There are a number of cooking apps available for your smartphone or tablet to help you get started and here’s a run down of the best and most useful of these for students.


BigOven is the complete cooking app with features such as automatic unit conversion and shopping list creation. You can also choose recipes based on the ingredients you have available; so even if you’ve only got eggs and a courgette in your student fridge you should be able to find a way to integrate them into a meal. The app also offers an engaging experience by allowing you to post comments and photos of recipes. With access to a library of over 350,000 recipes you’ll have enough ideas to try a new meal everyday for the next 900 years, if you’re lucky enough to live that long that is. Considering its price this app certainly has a lot to offer.


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Food Network In the Kitchen

If you’re more of a visual person like me then this may be the app for you. This app brings all of the best recipes and videos from the Food Network right to your smart device. You can follow along with thousands of recipes and how-tos from the best chefs in the world. Although not all of the recipes have accompanying videos at present they’re always adding new content to the app and you can always follow along in the traditional cookbook style when videos are missing.


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Another attractive cooking app for your iOS or Android device is Paprika. This app is a companion for any cook that allows you to collect and manage your recipes. However as it’s primary purpose is recipe management it doesn’t actually come with access to a library, but thats ok as you can save recipes and snippets from websites such as ours. The meal planner is pretty nifty enabling you to plan out meals up to a month ahead.


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Ratio is a unique cooking app. Rather than focus on recipes, it allows you to calculate the proportions of ingredients required for a meal. This means you can easily scale your recipes up or down according to how many mouths you have to feed or how much of an ingredient you have left. It comes complete with 32 different ratios for elements that form the backbone of cooking as well as gizmos such as a calculator and converter. This is a must to accompany cookbook apps and to gain a better understanding of cooking.


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