• 5 Tips To Help You Become A More Adventurous Cook

    So, you lovely lot, I am going to break you in gently with this ‘yes’ stuff. I am going to start with the food. And in honour of one of my favourite subjects, I have a real bumper series of posts for you! There’s recommendations for the only 5 cookbooks you will need to be […]
  • Pancake Day: How to make Crêpes the French Way

    Shrove Tuesday, commonly known as Pancake Day, is originally a Christian tradition, but for us students it’s an occasion to share pancakes and hot chocolate with friends. With the winter weather still with us, who wants to go out? No one, so why not enjoy a day at home with some pancakes and hot chocolate? […]
  • Graduate Survival; 5 Tips On Returning Home After Uni

    You’re in for a struggle, but moving back home doesn’t have to be all bad. Your boxes are packed, you’ve waved an emotional goodbye to your housemates and you’ve reluctantly boarded the train home. Eager to start life in the big wide world of work, there’s just one problem. How are you meant to live at […]
  • What “Age” Has Taught Me; Life Lessons from a Twenty-something

    Hey guys. I have been reminiscing recently about life, and there has been highs and lows  (I know I’m not old). But as I’m closer to my 30’s rather than my 20’s (SO SCARY)  I have been sitting here thinking – what have I learnt so far? I believe I am a different person to […]
  • 2016: A Year to Say Yes More and Better Yourself

    2016 is here and it’s here to stay (for another eleven and a bit months, at least). The raucous celebrations invested in waving goodbye to 2015 are over, you are settled back to the old routine of another term at university and you have most probably broken all of your new years resolutions already. But […]
  • Not a Morning Person? Here’s How To Wake Up For Your 9am Lectures

    9am lectures are the scum of the earth. In fact 9am anything is scum. Why do mornings even exist right? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this opinion. Mornings are retched but they needn’t be. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help turn you into one of those chirpy morning people […]
  • 15 Things We Wish We Knew As Freshers; The Complete University Survival Guide

    Freshers is here and we have one piece of advice for you – forget everything you’ve been told about university. Forget what your advisors told you about scheduling and how modern media has portrayed Greek Life. The movies are wrong, the rumours are wrong, and my goodness, what your dad is telling you… well, it’s […]
  • Life as an Oxford Undergrad; My Experience

    When I went to uni I was seventeen, ready to leave home and ready to learn. I got to uni and realised the first term and most of the first year was going to be a doss. I could do it in my sleep. The main focus was on living away from your parents. My […]
  • How to Make a Delicious Apple Crumble; The Easy-Peasy Recipe

    This is a simple step-by-step recipe for a traditional ‘Apple Crumble’. Perfect for any occasion and sharing with friends or family. Moreover it can be a remedy for the depressing temperature of the last few days. The process of making a cake can be very fun, it’s a great way to share a special moment […]