• The Easiest and Hardest Degrees

    Update: This article has received more attention and comments than I ever expected and in response to some of this I thought I would add a quick disclaimer. I am not saying mathematics is the easiest subject. It is incredibly tough – that I know. The aim of the article was to touch on a […]
  • How to Win at University: Rules for Success Whilst Having Fun

    Is it possible to be successful at university and still have fun? Cal Newport, an MIT student and author of ‘How to Win at College‘ certainly thinks so. By taking onboard the advice laid out in his book, you should be able to enjoy university life while also excelling as a student. Newport was inspired […]
  • How to Stay Motivated at University

    As with many things we engage in, sometimes we can experience a lack of motivation. This can also occur during studies. It’s very important to stay motivated as this will help keep you going throughout your course. Remember Your Goals After my BSc degree, I found it difficult to find employment in my field. Graduating […]
  • Is There a Right Time to Start University? A Mature Student’s Perspective

    There are those who go to university immediately after completing their A Levels or diplomas and emerge on the other side with careers they are content with. But then there are those who exit uni at that point thinking wtf did I just do. The problem is at 18 to 21 we are still generally […]
  • The Real Difference Between Part and Full Time Study

    The thing you miss out on most as a part time student is the partying. There’s no bars or cheap drinks or week night booze ups, mostly because work gets in the way of that. As in, get up early rise and shine it’s six-a-friggin-clock work, not essays and tutorials and student work. I have […]
  • Taking A Break From The Academic Rat Race: Leave of Absences, A Taboo?

    University has the reputation of being a playground of fun and games. It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your academia, meet great people, who are bound to be your friends for life, get involved in student politics, campus media and all the rage societies from Harry Potter Appreciation Society to Zumba. However, where is […]
  • How Tablets Can Transform the Way You Study

    In the world of student studying (yes, that thing you came to university to do) we have come a long way in our approaches to tackling the books. We’ve gone from long days in the academia environment absorbing half of the library all by hand to the modern day slobbing out in our beds with […]
  • The Rise of English Scholars

    I get asked all the time why I chose to study literature at university. Almost every conversation starts with, “so, you want to be a teacher?” or “are you a writer?” or, “who is your favorite author?” My. God. It gets so damn old. I think I speak for a majority of literature scholars when […]
  • Keep Calm And Don’t Panic: Tales Of A Manic Third Year

    When you start university you don’t really think about being in your third and final year (or fourth for some). It seems like a distant memory. You kind of assume you’ll have everything sussed by then. How to work the uni system, the best places to go on a night out, the friendship group you […]