• The Real Difference Between Part and Full Time Study

    The thing you miss out on most as a part time student is the partying. There’s no bars or cheap drinks or week night booze ups, mostly because work gets in the way of that. As in, get up early rise and shine it’s six-a-friggin-clock work, not essays and tutorials and student work. I have […]
  • What Does it Mean to be a Student? The Myth of the Label

    There’s this webcomic called ‘Girls with Slingshots’, which is something I discovered recently and promptly devoured; all 1788 strips. It begins with fairly ordinary, straight characters, but quickly diverts into all sorts of interesting places; the lj obsessed, the terrifyingly shy, the dom, the asexual, the gay and lesbian, sex shops, talking plants, masturbation…! You […]