• The Asexual Lesbian And The Black Guy – Lesbian Is Easy

    An asexual lesbian and a black guy team up to provide a light hearted view on sexuality and race, giving insight and opinions while getting a touch too close to sounding racist for comfort! Listen to this unlikely, awkward and thoroughly unprepared duo try to entertain and enlighten you!!

    This is the pilot episode of a new podcast on our STDNT network called The Asexual Lesbian And The Black Guy or ALBG for short. It was a little rushed but let us know what you think of the test episode entitled Lesbian Is Easy.

    Birmingham Pride 2015: The UK’s Largest LGBT Festival

    Last weekend, in the wake of Ireland voting for marriage equality, Birmingham Pride 2015 turned Birmingham’s Gay Village into a massive celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Record breaking numbers of people turned up to show their solidarity and resulting profits were donated to LGBT and HIV/AIDS charities. It was amazing to say the least. Read […]