• How to Get a First Class Degree: 8 Tips to Help You Graduate With Top Honours

    Update: How to Get a First – the book, now available on Amazon. In my final year of University, I managed to go out 2-4 times a month (in terms 1 and 2), co-founded and run an entrepreneur’s society where I acted as the Vice President and despite maintaining a fairly active social life and […]
  • The Easiest and Hardest Degrees

    Update: This article has received more attention and comments than I ever expected and in response to some of this I thought I would add a quick disclaimer. I am not saying mathematics is the easiest subject. It is incredibly tough – that I know. The aim of the article was to touch on a […]
  • How Do You Beat Procrastination? Let Us Know To Win

    Win a copy of ‘How to Get A First’ And Be Featured in Student Procrastination Book. Michael Tefula, author of best selling educational advice book, How to Get a First, would like to know how you go about beating procrastination for his follow up book on student procrastination, soon to be published by Palgrave. Simply let us know […]