• I Need You to Understand How it Feels to Suffer From Depression!

    Depression. An ugly word sure to grab the attention of many, but it’s rarely spoken about as it’s seen as a dirty word. We live in a world where those who have it don’t want to burden anyone so they suffer in silence most of the time, the demons in their heads their only friends, […]
  • Are You Okay? If You’re Not That’s Okay; You’re Not Alone

    Are you okay? Such a simple question, but often the simple answer we give in reply is far from the loaded one we keep to ourselves. How often do you say “I’m okay” but really you aren’t? Really you’re an emotional mess, badly stitched together by the need to present yourself as ‘okay’ to the […]
  • Living with Anxiety and Depression; Tales of Mental Health Havoc

    Hi. My name is Annika Spalding. In the past, I have experienced anxiety and depression, and I believe I am experiencing it again. Having been through this before, I know some of my signs, but it took me a while to take it on. I spend a lot of my time feeling very numb, I […]
  • Suffer From Anxiety? Here Are 5 Coping Strategies That Can Help You

    Before you start reading, I just wanted you to know that I’m not a qualified counsellor, but this month is mental health awareness month and it’s important that we address it. Mental health affects more people than you can even imagine and it’s something that has affected me. Having dealt with anxiety issues for four […]